Whether you’re planning a casual backyard affair or throwing the wildest party of the year, your wedding day will be full of ALL THE MOMENTS. Magic in the air and confetti everywhere, your day will go past slow yet fast all at the same time because you were busy having too much fun. 

This is exactly why I’ll be celebrating right by your side through it all, transforming all those big, small and in-between fleeting moments into permanent, tangible memories. Camera in hand, having a laugh with everyone, you can rely on me to be your trusted wedding sidekick, photo-snapper and memory-keeper. 

Wedding Photography for lovers across South West WA


Let's do this

Face glowing, dress on, veil flowing, you’re a vision to behold. While the girls pop the champers, mum’s gone to grab dad for your first look. The nerves are starting to kick in. Hard as nails on the outside, but dad-jokes-galore corny on the inside, you hear his footsteps approaching. Deep and slow breaths, this is the moment.

Starting down the aisle, shyly smiling at your beautiful friends and family. But all you can think about is your lover standing right at the end aisle, back turned. You wish you could just pick up your train, run into his arms and whisper “let’s do this, babe”. Biting your lip, this is the moment.

Drunk on love and joy, shoes off, wedding party getting sloppy, you’re ready to hit the dance floor. Nan and pop proudly looking on, THE SONG comes on, you fling your arms around your new hubby and close your eyes, without a care in the world. Head on his shoulder, this is the moment.

Gimme all the moments, I’m ready to go, baby! 



kisses &


joyful hearts





Capturing your best-day-ever memories from $3500

Pre-wedding hangouts 

As your future BFF, I want to get to meet you and get to know you on a real level! Immediately connecting, we’ll have a laugh and chat about everything you’re planning so you can relax, knowing that I’ll have your back throughout our entire journey together. 

Your choice of coverage 

From morning prep through to cheeky boogies under the stars, I’ll be right by your side, snappin’ all the big, small and in-between moments of your wedding day. Stealing kisses behind the shed? Snap. Dad crying? Snap. Mum a bit too tipsy? Snap-snap-SNAP!

Unlimited images

Yep, I don’t believe in putting a cap on your memories! We’re here to celebrate one of the BIGGEST days of your lives and the start of your beautiful journey together. Ball and chain, cheese and vegemite, you’ll have ALL the images to relive your day all over again.

Online Gallery

Whether you’re shortlisting your all-time favourite photos for printing or wanting to share your day with family and friends, you’ll love having your very own password-protected gallery. Download all the high and low-res images from your day so you can access them anywhere and anytime!





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wedding package 01.

All-day coverage till the cows come home…aka the whole shebang!


+ All day coverage 
   i’ll be there from start to finish (up to 10 hours)

+ Unlimited images (high and low resolution)
   re-live all the feels from your day

+ Complimentary engagement session
   perfect if you’re a little camera-shy
+ Online gallery
   spread the love with friends and family

+ Social media sneak peek
  a few of my favourite frames of whats to come!

+ All photos on a wooden usb 
   for easy accessibility and sharing

+ Wooden box frame with prints 
   includes 8x 8x12" prints

+ Second photographer 
   for the whole day, no missed moments

+ Bespoke fine art album 
  a cherished family keepsake, 12 x 12” with all the trims


+ 8 hours coverage 
   i’ll be there not missing a beat 

+ Unlimited images (high and low resolution)
   re-live all the feels from your day
+ Online gallery
   spread the love with friends and family

+ Social media sneak peek
  a few of my favourite frames of whats to come!

+ Second photographer 
   for the whole day, no missed moments

wedding package 02.



+ 6 Hours coverage
   i’ll be there for the important bits

+ Unlimited images (high and low resolution)
   re-live all the feels from your day
+ Online gallery
   spread the love with friends and family

wedding package 03.


Showing up bright and early, full of beans, I’ll make myself right at home with you and your wedding party as you prep for the big day ahead. Matching the energy of the room and making sure everyone is feeling comfortable and relaxed, hugs all around, let’s go!

Above & Beyond Your Expectations

My hubby, Gaz (aka bonus wedding assistant and second shooter), will also be ready to lend a helping hand with whatever you need! Whether it’s a pep talk for the boys, punching an extra hole in a belt or carrying speakers, he’s your sidekick too!

Weaving in and out to capture every gorgeous moment, while mingling with your loved ones, I won’t miss a thing. From you and your lover locking eyes for the first time down the aisle to the kiddies running a muck outside while you slow dance the night away, your memories are safe with me.



Not just your photographer, I’ll be ready to step in as your nerve calmer, dress floofer, hair fixer, buttonhole saviour, tie straightener…basically, you can rely on me to be your trusty sidekick, so you don’t have to sweat the small stuff. 



A cocktail of love, joy and happy tears on your wedding day

P.S. Package 1 includes a bespoke fine art album AND prints. But don’t worry, you can also order albums as an add-on and as a gift for your parents too!

Your Heirloom Wedding Album

Handcrafting your memories into a tangible keepsakE

So much more than just a few pretty snaps, your wedding day photos are a collection of your best-ever memories. Sprinkled with time-freezing magic, they’re a passport for your future self to travel right back to this once-in-a-lifetime day…the day you and your love promised to spend the rest of eternity together.

Turning the page on a new chapter, marking the beginning of your beautiful legacy, this is exactly why you don’t want to leave your photos on a dusty USB or a forgotten folder on your laptop. Trust me, they deserve to be brought to life beyond your digital screen - when nostalgia beckons, you’ll want tangible memories that you can touch, hold and feel in your hands.

Your album will be a precious keepsake for generations to come. Just imagine cosying up on the couch with your little ones (and maybe grandkids) one day, telling them your love story and reliving your memories, page by page. 

Simply irreplaceable, it’s an investment you’ll never regret. 

because I’ve always got you!


Where are you based and do you travel?

I’m based in Harvey, in the South West of Western Australia. And of course, I will travel anywhere from Perth to Paris to capture your special day!


If you’re wanting to skip all the fuss of planning a big hurrah and plan an elopement instead, I’d be more than honoured to photograph your meaningful, intimate day.


You’ll receive anywhere between 600-1000 photos because we can never have “too many” memories, ammiright?! 


Absolutely! Your wedding sidekick and magical chameleon, I’ve been known to wear all the hats. From recommending trusted vendors to floofing your dress and fixing your veil, I’ll do whatever it takes to make sure you’re feeling 1000% happy and confident. 


Aww, love, thank you! You can’t see me but I’m happy dancing right now!! Please fill out my contact form to get in touch and we’ll get the ball rolling. 

Other Services

You thought it was just another normal day but little did you know, he’s been nervously rehearsing this moment over and over again in his head. Clearing his throat, wiping his sweaty palms, he slowly gets down on one knee and reaches into his pocket …and there it is, softly sparkling. 

You knew you’d be together forever but now it’s “official”, woohoo!! Congratulations Loves!! Between now and all the wedding planning, why don’t we sneak off together for a super fun engagement shoot?!

Cheeky kisses, infectious giggles and goofing around, this is the perfect chance for us to capture some gorgeous, candid photos of you two in a relaxed setting - and you can get those camera-shy nerves out of the way ahead of your wedding day!

This is where it all started.

Couple & engageament shoot

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*A complimentary engagement session is included in Package 1.

I was serious when I said I’ll stick around to shamelessly follow you through all of your life’s exciting milestones and transformations. Whether you’re soon to welcome a new bub into the world or already have little ones, I’d be honoured to capture your growing family!

Cradling them in your arms, a sleepy bundle of rosy cheeks and wispy hair, you feel whole, vowing to protect them from all the imaginary bedtime monsters. They’re your future, your everything, and you’d do anything to make this moment last forever. 

Forget those blurry iPhone photos, let’s plan a fun day out while we create memories to celebrate your family’s one-of-a-kind journey. These are the photos you’ll be flipping through in 5, 10, or 30 years from now when they’re not-so-little anymore. 

Through all of life’s milestones

Family Photography

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*BYO dogs and furbabies, the more the merrier!

The vegemite to your cheese, the chips to your parma, your heart’s been stolen forever. One for the books, let’s capture your loved-up story. Today, tomorrow, and always.

Stars of your own rom-com

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