Country Girl, Nature Lover, Dog Hugger, Picture Taker & Memory Maker.

Sharing someone’s special day and their most intimate moments is a gift I’ll never take for granted. Though you’ll mostly find me having a giggle or being silly, I’m still a squishy softie who wears my heart on my sleeve…what you see is exactly what you get! So don’t be surprised if you catch me hastily blowing my nose during your parents’ speeches or ugly crying over your heartstrings-tugging vows. 

While our friendship may first begin by capturing your wedding day or organising a family shoot, you can rely on me to follow you and your family through all your future milestones. Once that mutual trust is established, you’ll struggle to get rid of me. 

Hey new friend, I’m Christina

(but soon enough, you’ll be calling me Chrissy)

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    If not, I’ll shamelessly bribe you with some homemade hot chips, homegrown veggies or a delicious cheeseboard until you cave and we become besties. Deal?

Alright, I know I’m meant to be sharing a little more about myself here…but since the thought of yammering on about myself makes me feel kinda queasy (it’s so awks!!), I’ve asked my hubby Gaz to step in and lend his honest words…

“Chrissy makes friends so easily because she’s always up to have a laugh and has this natural way of making people feel comfortable real fast. Super positive and always full of gratitude, she gets genuinely excited and happy when sharing special moments with those around her. A lover of life and all things fun, Christina’s a relentless dream-chaser…and lucky for you, her biggest dream is to photograph YOU!!” 

Aww, isn’t he a sweetie pie? I’m blushing, haha! My turn now - I’ll try my best to sum up what you can expect if I’m given the honour of being your photographer.

I know we haven’t met yet but when you’re with me, you’ll be treated like family and it will feel like we’ve known each other for ages.

A serial over-deliverer, my true joy as a photographer is being able to nurture instant connections while playing with light to authentically capture people, emotions, and moments.

Thank you for being here and I can’t wait for our first hug hello!!

Learn about my Philosophy and what inspired me to become a photographer. 

Hand on heart, it’s us as a team that sets us apart from everyone else out there. We’re so in sync, that it’s kinda crazy (but in a good way). Our goal is always to become your friends first, and photographers second! 

Living for the immediate connections, don’t be surprised if we invite you to our beautiful farm in Harvey, WA - many of our first meetings revolve around hanging out with our furbaby Douglas while tucking into our famous homemade hot chips and watching the sun go down.

And depending on the time of the year, you’ll likely go home with an avo, some cucumbers or even a pumpkin!!

Good banter and happy days, you’ll always feel like family with us. 

While I’m the main “face” of the biz, I wouldn’t be here without my amazing hubby, Gaz!! Often stepping in as my second shooter and your bonus wedding assistant, he’s the cool cucumber to easily-excited energizer bunny self. 

Without rambling on,                                                                                      The main thing that inspires me is being able to share my clients’ happiness on their special days because no two weddings are ever the same! 

And of course, being able to candidly capture photos that will spark their beautiful memories, bringing all their feelings and emotions to life. 

While I’ve loved photography forever, I also thank my Dad for indirectly turning my lifelong dream into a reality.

From my first little pink instamatic to the dark rooms at school and eventually, buying my first SLR, I’ve always adored capturing people, emotions, connections and moments. But when Dad suddenly passed away from a stroke at the end of 2013, I quit my government job to move down and help run Dad’s old farm with Gaz. 

Oh wow, there is SO MUCH that inspires me!

Dad spent his days beautifying this farm in so many lasting ways - the tree-lined driveways, the museum he built, the rustic machinery dotting the property. And with some dollars he left me, I invested in my first pro camera. When I wasn’t being a rookie farmer, I spent my days shooting friends and family on our wonderful property. 

Fun fact: Gaz and I converted Dad’s old museum into a gorgeous wedding barn. The dream is to not just photograph our loved-up couples but also to be able to host their special day on our farm and become a one-stop shop of sorts!! A romantic country escape with sprawling scenic views, it’s the perfect venue for those who are after something stunning yet meaningful and cosy. That’s exactly why Gaz and I also chose to get married on the farm back in the day - we had our reception in the middle of the bull paddock!

I know Dad would be so proud that Gaz and I bought the farm and are going to use it for more than just ourselves. Not only do the kids enjoy exploring the farm, and besotted couples sneaking off and stealing kisses behind the machinery shed, our clients (both country and city folk) love coming down for shoots as it’s something a little different. 

To me, we’re keeping Dad’s incredible legacy alive (with a little Gaz n’ Chrissy seasoning 😉).

you are the inspiration behind the art I create. 

you are the inspiration behind the

art I create.

Alright, are we ready for some random fun facts?

No surprises here - As a country girl, I LOVE my animals and nature in all its forms. When I have the time, you’ll find me whipping up a storm in the kitchen with the fresh produce from our cute little veggie garden (and sneaking in a chocolate or two). 

I also enjoy spending quality time with my beautiful friends - a wholesome catch-up does wonders for the soul!

While I live for our community, I still cherish occasional moments of solitude. Nothing beats cosying up on the couch with Gaz and our furbaby Douglas, watching Brooklyn 99 - nine niiiiiiiiine! - or the latest Marvel movie.

Inheriting Dad’s love of vintage and antique stuff, our home is filled with little treasures and precious knick-knacks.


I once fell down a waterfall into crocodile-infested waters…thankfully, I’ve lived to tell the somewhat hilarious tale

I lived in France for 6 months and became fluent, though I’ll be pretty rusty now…but I’m sure if given the chance to return to the country of love, whether it be for a holiday or a destination wedding, I’d pick it back up in no time!

The only thing I’ve ever won was a bag of Mars bars for guessing the weight of sick chook







we are so glad that we trusted Christina and Gaz with our special day. we couldn't be happier with the result. they Did an incredible JOb and made us feel so comfortable within seconds of meeting them. 

Peta & Ash

Thank you so much for your time. it was such a beautiful day and we are so thankful you were there to capture it for us.

Eloise  & Jack

Christina and Gary are honestly just the best! They made us feel so calm and relaxed and are such easy going down to earth people. book them, you will not be disapPointed! 

Melissa & Michael



Celebrating stories of warm hearts and joyful souls.
Serving you with energy and authenticity.

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Balmy days and rainy nights,
dancing dragonflies and sparkling lights,
let’s live in love and joy until the end of our days,

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31 OCT 2020 


Come on down to our beautiful farm in Harvey and let’s enjoy a good yarn over some delicious nibbles and drinks. Tell me all about you and what you’re dreaming of and we’ll tee up some memory-makin’ magic!